The clock ticks in my solitary confinement. 

I have been meaning to draw the truth from my mind by asking questions to clear the meaning of flawed justice for me. 

No, you did not read it wrong. 

Flawed justice exists when an act is done to fulfill a political vendetta. 

The driving factor to such motive is to assassinate a character by producing a case that does not primarily aim to ferret out the truth but to ensure that the person will not have the chance to claim political power again. 

To put it bluntly, it means filing a case in court and using the name of justice to imprison a man. 

What a convenient way to ensure the defeat of a political enemy but to finance the flow of justice to dishonor a man. 

And the law is there as their partner to make it look real and true. 

What a shameless drama! 

This is just the beginning of the truth. 

Nothing is more insulting than making a mockery out of justice.


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