Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movies Mirror Reality

A successful love story in a movie gives us a sense of hope momentarily from the harsh realities of life. In real life stories, there are many cases of unrequited love--nothing to smile about but everything to learn from the lessons of yesteryears.

Although there is no real life scerario of "living happily ever is the joy and smiles we see in our children's faces that can make us appreciate the gift of love, by sharing and supporting the optimism of the youth.

Some love stories in movies give us an emotional boost of looking at our personal relationship positively. From reality to idealism and vice-versa, which constitutes the simple dynamics of movie films...these movies usually respond to meeting the unanswered questions of lovers whose relationships failed in the past.

Nevertheless,after that short moments of living in a fictional character,the reality knocks on the door.You will have to open it with acceptance that the true world has a lot of beauty but ugliness also abounds...a reality of multiple stressors that always challenge our sanity.

However,as a practical lady,I would choose to live in an ugly but real world for it will help me get in-touch with life.It will help my foot stand firmly on the ground to stabilize my vision for my personal goals .

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