How to Avoid Online Forum Fights?

I used to love joining in online forums for I find the exchange of ideas with my fellow forum members an enlightening process in the quest for objective knowledge. It allows me to see all the relevant points of an issue. 

However, it is inevitable that in the process of mental debate, some will freak out when they encounter opposition to their personal stand. Trolls love to sow discord and they are sometimes called energy vampires. They will suck out the positive energy from you.

There are many ways to avoid forum fights. 

Here is how to avoid unfriendly forum arguments:

1. Ignore trolls. They are irrelevant. They are usually the ones who love to sow conflict on social sites with their insensitive and disrespectful comments.

2. Cultivate goodwill and true friendship. Greet your fellow forum members sincerely and make them feel at home. Do not post sarcastic words for it will ignite trading of insults. It is not fair.

3. Pro-react. Do not overreact to the thesis that is obviously stupid. Rather provide another point to redirect the other members to see the enlightened side of an issue. 

4. Report Abuse. Send a personal message to the forum administrator when you read a personal attack on your person. Do not delete the member attacker's post to use as evidence for the administration's future disciplinary action against him. 

Finally, here is one important reminder to those who want to ensure that their sites are really safe and decent for the exchange of ideas. 

Choose forums that are decent which do not accept pornographic advertisements. Otherwise, if you have no option, better stop logging in at all.


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