Friday, March 27, 2009

Do You Need To Say "I Love You"?

Elizabeth Barett Browning created a masterpiece when she wrote the poem, "How Do I love Thee?". In her every line she elucidated that loving someone is embedded in the soul, hence, to say "I love you" is just a sigh of the heart and soul.

But how excruciating is the pain that comes with wanting to say "I love you" if the person who has to hear it is gone? Let me share a true account of how timing could give essence to these three words of love.

Time is essential, for once the opportunity to say is lost, the will to say the three important words, "I love you", becomes irrelevant.

Here is a story of my friend, Nelia.

She found her husband cold and dead owing to a heart attack one morning. Her tears overflowed not out of grief but owing to remorse. Nelia and her husband had a cold war after she discovered her husband's infidelity. However, that morning, all her hatred and anger for her late husband vanished but regrets enveloped her whole existence. "I should have told him that I still love him before he died, but I did not!"

But it is too late for that. There is nothing she could do but cry.

Marital situation such as this one makes it hard to speak of love and give justice to every word spoken. The chance to know passed her in a fleeting moment.

It is not only important to say "I love you", in fact, it is a must. Saying "I love you" confirms your emotional state. Silence from you might be misinterpreted as a sign of neglect or passiveness. You can avoid being misread by expressing your heart at the right time and at the right place.

To love somebody is to be consistent with your words and actions. A true lover does not play guessing games but adopt a very honest stance when communicating his feelings to his beloved.

It is not fair for either of the two to hide what he or she feels if love is felt with the right person. It is comprehensible, however, if expressions of love are not freely showed if the object of one's affection is in a committed relationship.

This writer suggests that every lover must not only speak of "I love you" for actions must go with the words. The underlying motive therefore in saying these three important words is to express what is true in the heart and not just a facade to conceal lies or manipulate the other person's feelings.

At the end of the day, the truth will show. If words of love are spoken with authenticity, the person who hears them will know if it comes straight from the heart.

Be true. If you truly love someone, say it in three words-"I love you".


Walt said...

I love you for the words tha come from your passionate heart. However the only way one can truly love you; would be to take time and get to know you. When courting, one should take time and fist show their adoration first by their romantic actions.

Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

Hello my friend. The "how" of expression becomes only a problem if words are not true. I say I love you as often as I can to my father, kids and siblings, . For me, it is a need that they know they are in my heart every minute of my life. :)

Walt said...

O' Princess of the heart, what you say is true. With our world in dithery it has never been more important to say the healing words
("I Love You")
Bai Maleiha, you are indeed a rare treasure.

Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

Thanks Walt. You are a treasure too, my friend. :)

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