Monday, March 23, 2009


A conversation I had with myself.

1.Define Friendship?
Oneness. Sympathy. Loyalty and Authenticity.

2. Among the four qualities you mentioned,which one do you uphold by heart?
Authenticity of character.

3.You choose your friends?
No. Friends come and go. But I choose my true friends.

4. What kind of a friend are you?
Caring and straightforward.

5.Who is closest to your heart as a friend?
To be true to others, I need to be closest to Myself.

6.Uhuh!..What do you mean?
I know myself better and I understand the facts of my life. Knowing myself better means knowing the kind of people I can get along well with.

7.Define Beauty?
Temporary gift of God.Time fades it.

8.What does not fade?
Brains, character and memories.

9.What qualities a man need to possess to have you?
Possess me?

I can’t be possessed. I can only be loved.

11.You seem so strong?
I am not clingy.I am well off without a man if he is not right for me.

12.Does IQ matter?
Of course. How can we converse?

13.Choosy in men?
Choosy in character!

14.How many suitors you have now?
No need to mention …

15.Are they cute?

16.So you are not after looks?

17.I I know..
Know what?

18.That is why you don’t have a serious relationship yet.
That is what you think.

19. I think you do not have a serious relationship right now, right?
On the open none. I decided to keep my lovelife private.

20. Even the wedding and marriage?
Why not? It is my private life.

21. Anything more you would like to add?
Subtract not add.:))

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