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The Obama Presidency

President-elect Barack Obama's entry into the national mainstream of the United States politics has addressed two issues confronting the American people: the desire for change and the issue of racial equality. 
We have always been aware of the existence of apartheid as a deep-seated concern, no matter how some sectors claim that it is a thing of the past. 
The fact remains that apartheid still exists as a strong cultural debacle in the new administration's struggle for change.

The Need for Change Obama stands for "change" to set a different trend from his predecessor's war-focused leadership, clothed with all justifications but the end-result led to more deaths which could lead to one question: did the end justify the means? 
Let me rephrase that from an anti-war perspective--must we rejoice whenever more lives were sacrificed to fulfill a mission? 
Nobody wants to lose a loved one. Human life is sacred for me, regardless of the religious and racial issue that tagged…

Why Is Media Bias to Politics?

Media needs to be biased to politics for everything that encompasses human interaction is politics. 
If you think that you do not exercise "politics" in your family, then that means your definition of politics is centered only on the people in the government. 
Both those inside and outside the government are political in their ways, whether they are aware of it or not. 
Politics is an act of arriving at a group decision. 
It exists everywhere. Not only in the government but even in the corporate world as well. 
The process involved in decision making is embracing all ideologies to balance a collective stand on an issue. 
But since the political world sums up to power and oftentimes leading to abuses, the media is therefore encouraged to monitor all events toward this end. 
From the decisions of a local representative in Congress to the person who sits as president, everything becomes a property of the public for they are partly involved in the selection of those personalities rulin…

How to Prevail Over The Past?

While you dwell in the past, let me ask you: does it relieve you of stress and tension? 
I am sure your answer is never "yes" for there is a connection between what you had been and what you are now. 
Although I must admit that the past and present are interconnected, but your present must weigh heavier in preparation for what you will be. 
Old painful memories must go for they will only add hurts to your bruised ego. Sweet memories must stay to keep you awake with hope and inspiration. 
The past is a mixture of dark and bright rays, it is your resolve that must contain which one must stay. 
Charles R. Swindoll, an American Writer once wrote: “We cannot change our past. 
We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. 
The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.” Well said. 
Like the flow of the wind, the past shall haunt you, not because you hide from it but because it is inside you. 
You will l…

How to Avoid Online Forum Fights?

I used to love joining in online forums for I find the exchange of ideas with my fellow forum members an enlightening process in the quest for objective knowledge. It allows me to see all the relevant points of an issue. 
However, it is inevitable that in the process of mental debate, some will freak out when they encounter opposition to their personal stand. Trolls love to sow discord and they are sometimes called energy vampires. They will suck out the positive energy from you.

There are many ways to avoid forum fights. 
Here is how to avoid unfriendly forum arguments:
1. Ignore trolls. They are irrelevant. They are usually the ones who love to sow conflict on social sites with their insensitive and disrespectful comments.
2. Cultivate goodwill and true friendship. Greet your fellow forum members sincerely and make them feel at home. Do not post sarcastic words for it will ignite trading of insults. It is not fair.
3. Pro-react. Do not overreact to the thesis that is obviously stupid. …


The clock ticks in my solitary confinement. 
I have been meaning to draw the truth from my mind by asking questions to clear the meaning of flawed justice for me. 
No, you did not read it wrong. 
Flawed justice exists when an act is done to fulfill a political vendetta. 
The driving factor to such motive is to assassinate a character by producing a case that does not primarily aim to ferret out the truth but to ensure that the person will not have the chance to claim political power again. 
To put it bluntly, it means filing a case in court and using the name of justice to imprison a man. 
What a convenient way to ensure the defeat of a political enemy but to finance the flow of justice to dishonor a man. 
And the law is there as their partner to make it look real and true. 
What a shameless drama! 
This is just the beginning of the truth. 
Nothing is more insulting than making a mockery out of justice.