The complexity of man

(Photo is just a symbol to the concept of man, the model has nothing to do, or not related to the message this article wants to convey.)

Man is inexplicably unique by all dimensions. 

Pinch his skin and you will hear him say "ouch!" 

Challenge his ego and you may hear nothing, but inside, he is crumbling like hell. 

Agitated, just like an imprisoned bird wanting to be released from his own cage. 

He is complicated. 

He shouts from his spiritual abyss but his lips are tightly sealed. 

What separates man from his ego was not clearly explained by Freud's psychoanalysis. 

What is in fact very confusing for me is not knowing which part of man truly dominates his thoughts and actions. 

Is it his libido or unresting sexual urge that haunts him day and night? But this is not fair for all men. Not all men are victims of their carnal desire.

Man is not a capsule of sexual angst for he is more than lust. 

He must be the embodiment of a complete persona but why is he acting like a jerk? 

Of course, this article is not of the general view that ALL MEN are guilty of shortsightedness. 

NOT ALL MEN are guilty of the same mistake. 

Can you understand the complexities of man's character? Or do you even spend some time to understand him?

I can't blame you if you choose to ignore for we both know for a fact that even man himself can not comprehend what he wants. 

However, it is not a sin to mind the man. It is him who can cause pain and joy. 

He delivers dual emotions, more often than not, such emotions are of exact opposites. 

Man will always find an excuse for his irrationality. 

Where is his cerebral power? 

The nucleus of his logicality. 

Must we say shame to the man who behaves sexually promiscuous? 

Must we understand his reasons for choosing to act below his mental capacity, or shall I presume that doing the act of infidelity on his part is a natural response to forces that he could not contain? 

Where is his cerebral power? 

Why does he miss to think logically or is he still thinking at all? 

And you, yes you.. the critic? 

Are you free from sins as well? 

Do you have the right to say that when a man is disloyal to his wife, then it is convenient to accuse him that he has lost his dignity? 

Every man has his own reason, but do we have enough time to listen to everyone? 

Do we have the right to choose who to listen to and still call it fairness amidst selective receptivity? 

Most of us love to CONDEMN THE SINNER. 

This is a mere outlet of one's undigested analytical reservoir for hastily engulfing facts without digesting them. 

Who has the right to conclude that one is a sinner if the critic is as guilty as the accused? 

Who among us has no iota of sin must cast the first stone. 

Does it escape the mind of a masked man that if he curses he blasphemes no one but himself? 

Who has the right to stand in the middle of the crowd and raise his hand to yell: "Hail Hitler!!" 

That was the irony of life then when the Germans were overwhelmed by so much fictionality of perfection. 

Hitler idolized his concept of perfection yet he was stepping on the maggots of his rotten soul. 

Mind the man only if you are not as guilty as him. 

Otherwise, please just mind your own wickedness.


We are somewhat complicated...


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