Should lovers fight over the past?

Do not let the past control your life. 

The past and present are not interconnected on the same level for the simple reason that the past is a period and the present and future are commas of life. 

If there is a need to review the past, let those discovered from the diggings be lessons of history and have no bearing whatsoever on the present. 

This will only become a problem if the past BLOCKS the happiness that is rightfully owned by the present. 

Life memories that happened in the past are reminders that there were moments in it that should be studied well to avoid replicating such bad experience. 

But to go INTO THE DETAILS again, over and over again, is no longer healthy for it will only sabotage the present. 

A verbal disagreement between two lovers usually arises out of one's past, especially if the man or the woman has had a history of sexual promiscuity before they met. 

Hence the aggrieved partner will tend to avoid the issue and if the other party insists, conflict ensues. 


The mind usually forgets painful experiences. Sometimes this is one reason that editing or NOT FULLY REVEALING the details of one's past could be misunderstood as withholding information. 

For many people, they rarely touch on details that brought them so much pain in the past thus it is expected that they would not talk about them. 

Misunderstanding increases between partners who always react emotionally when their mates had deep feelings for someone in the past. 

Although they recognized that those things happened before them, their emotions moved them to react incoherently. 

THEY BECOME JEALOUS OF THE PAST instead of thinking about the present. 

NO AMOUNT of argument will change what already happened. 

No one could relive and re-experience history. 

What is more important than past hurts are the feelings of the people who are in your present life now. 

Do not fight with your lover over the past for you would be sabotaging a new relationship with your special someone. 

Something that happened to you and your love became lovers had nothing to do with you. 

Let the past die. Bury it. 

Do not let it destroy whatever beautiful you have in the present. Learn from the lessons of history but never forget to live for the present and future.


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