Insight+Effort= Good Writing

In my writer's site, we are allowed to pick two choices. 

Which one will make a good writer, insight or effort?

Honestly, a good writer is a product of both. 

Equating effort with persistence and creativity, it is still the impetus that could sustain a writer's willingness to make a point in the literary world. 

On the other hand, an insightful mind stands above the rest. 

It sees what is hidden and hears what is unspoken. 

It is capable of delving into the unknown but surfacing afterward with a wisdom and a mission. 

I have chosen insight for the sake of discussion, as a writer's synergy to create articles of quality read. 

Although I know by heart that effort and insights are basic requirements to a sustainable writing. 

But before I say my piece and defend my stand on choosing insight to make great writers, I do not assert that insight can exist without effort. 

If I must choose which one weighs heavier in creating words with wisdom and vision, I say it is insightful thinking. 

If I must need to measure what empowers me to be a writer of my unselfish cause? I say it is my insightful thinking. 

But, must I need to pick one and deny the rest? 

Effort and insight are the husband and wife in the days when I feel so weak to write and the inspiration when my nights lack the light to glow for my eyes and mind. 

Both are my water and air. My motivation and sustainability. Remove one and I shall lose momentum. 

But alright, alright then. Let me stand on one ground. Insightful thinking is a must. 

An insightful mind discusses liberally the issue at hand and encourages thought-provoking responses from the readers. 

To be insightful requires a writer to allow his mind to journey into the details of existence, where everything is measured with persistence to understand the opposites from similarities to relay thoughts of substance. 

Can you see the indispensability of an insightful mind to achieve a writer's mission? 

Let us explore where insightful thinking applies. 

Looking at a war zone where blood was spilled all over the place, an insightful mind can create stories out of such image, for it can react to certain stimuli that others tend to ignore. 

An analytical mind can review history, derive lessons from the past and apply working principles for the future. Insightful thinking is freeing and exploring. 

It does not stop to look at a thing and dismiss it as common, rather it studies every angle, every detail for a writer with such talent could make a masterpiece out of an ordinary interlude with anything that can catch his attention. 

For those who want to carve their own niche in the literary world, plunge into your dreams by cultivating your mind. 

Read the masterpieces of other writers. Look at how they apply their writing style. 

Enrich your mind with studies and information and if you must quote a great writer, never forget to name the man behind an impressive literary piece. 

Respect for other writer's works is important for they too invested much of their time and dedication for their respective output. 

Always remember to create an article that will spell out your mission. 

An article has to transmit not only expression of events but must share a moral education. 

All your dreams as a writer can come true with an insightful mind. 

But again let me say this in truth: every dream comes true with insight and persistence.


IndianPie said…
Excellent post. I think you are correct - you need to be insightful to be a great writer. Thank you for your great advice. will follow it :)
Thanks too my friend for finding time to visit and leave a comment. God bless :)
IndianPie said…
Hey, I am honoured :)

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