Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shadow in the Sun

One day Mirata was walking along the road and she saw an old woman trekking the same path where she was headed. Empathic for her weakness and old age, Mirata took the old woman's arm and guided her in the entire course of their journey. Mirata was captivated by the old woman's eyes, as if she was looking at her own soul.

"Call me Juana, my child".. the old woman whispered to her, perhaps, touched by Mirata's kindness. Mirata decided to lead the old woman to a bench nearby where she could momentarily rest for she looked so tired and hungry. "Stay here for a while grandma, I will buy some food and water for you." The old woman just nodded and gave her a weak but sincere smile.

A few minutes after, Mirata watched in silence how the old woman ate the sandwich hurriedly and drank the water as if she could not wait for another bottle.

Looking satisfied, the old woman said, "Thank you, my child. God bless you". Then the old woman asked Mirata why she was walking alone on an empty street. "Where is your husband?", she asked.

"I have none.." said Mirata.

"I was once like you.."

"Like me?", Mirata asked.

"Yes, like you", said the old woman.

I drove all men away..I closed my door until I realized that it is too late to go back to the past to change my ways.

"But why?", pondered Mirata.

"Because I was afraid. Afraid of men and love. I fell in love once but he hurt me..and never again did I dare to give my heart for the second time"..

"Now it is too late"..the old woman said sadly.

Few minutes later, the old woman excused herself and told her that she would take the other route to her destination. But she told Mirata that she would never pass on other streets except on that empty street where their paths met.

Mirata begged the old lady to tell her why she wanted to trek that road if there were other easier routes that she could pass. The old woman's reply startled Mirata:

"I walked on this road everyday hoping to find the man of my yesterday,to come back to me and share the love he offered me but which I refused before..but I do not know where he is now..."

Mirata continued to walk but this time she saw other old women begging for alms. She shook her head and told herself that life is really a disparity of purpose and choices. One chooses to stay on the same road and be miserable for the rest of her life, while some struggle to move on even if it means being dependent on others.

Mirata walked fast as she felt the wind getting colder and saw the sky getting darker. She knew when she grows older, she would face the lessons of her past but she would face them with a smile.

She thanked the old woman in her thoughts, who represented a life that will surely not be hers for she knows her exact destination and purpose. She would not pass an empty street of pain. Life is so beautiful, Mirata said. Every moment must be lived with joy and optimism.

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