Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I love to bath under the rain?

Such a wonderful feeling!

I want to do it over and over again..

When I was a child, bathing under the rain was more of a privilege than a right for I never had the chance to enjoy what a little girl does during her childhood years. Being a product of a very protective family, I was always in constant watch of my actions in public.

This explains why I did not have the privacy to do what other young girls would maybe I miss that moment when the rain and I could bond for something that I could look back to and smile when I grow older.

But I know I would always find time for such moment when nature will drift from my head down to my toes. I am not worried of acid rain down here for my hometown does not have factories that pollute the rivers and air.

Recently, I had the chance to savor such missed privileged in the privacy of my own home-- bathing in the rain. In my black t-shirt and skirt, I allowed the rain to engulf me which gave me a sense of relaxation.

I was like a child, enjoying the sound of the raindrops falling from the sky onto our cemented ground...calming my me some sort of relief from the daily pressures of motherhood and as a writer who has to update my articles constantly for my dear followers.

Challenges are nice for they oil the fibers of my intellect and color the unpainted walls of my soul. The rain is freeing, cold but not empty on my skin. I guess that is the simple side of me which some people who know me to be strong would not even think of me having such a layer in my persona.

Revealing my fears and insecurities are not my cup of tea. But for someone who has so much love for truth in its unadulterated form, nothing is hidden..nothing is vague. This love for truth is so embedded in my entire character that is why I would never tolerate lies thrown at my face.

I deal with life in whatever form.

My bonding with the rain was a check on my soul..looking at some flaws that need to be refreshed..for like all people who collect memories that meant so much to their lives, my soul is also a repository of all the bitter and sweet things that I allowed to enter. Hence, this emotional mixture needs to be cleansed with a positive thought that "nothing is permanent.." for all "sad things" are temporary.

I believe so.

The rain did make me smile..the wonder of God and nature combined. Rain, rain..if you must go away..please come back another day.;-)

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