Saturday, January 24, 2009

How is the world?

I have been busy these past few days working on two zones at my writer's site. Hope you have time to visit me there. I am happy for I got silver badge for creative writing although I could not stabilize my writing stars for I usually get absorbed with my personal blogs.

Anyway, how is the world now? Obama is now the official president of the United States of America and many are hoping that he would adopt policies that are the anti-thesis of Bush's stance on war. Blood and violence will never be a winning situation for both countries involved in the war. A drop of blood means vengeance--a cyclical turn of fate provoked by man and inspired by hatred.

I am tired of asking myself the question why war still persist between Israel and Palestine because we can read the history of the armed struggle in the net. The only thing that you must be cautious about is to check the leaning of the news agency that you are subscribed to. Many are pro-Israel and most are anti-Palestine.

My focus is more on the casualties, and if you check flickr, there you can see gory images of the war in Gaza. Such images could rip your heart out. Facebook users have unified their call for peace and the number of members increases from day to day.

War divides views and opinions. But you know that majority are for peace and that is what I am happy about. That the international community is positive no matter how some sectors color it bad.

Hey world, can't we just consistently stand up for a good cause like Peace. How about those from warfreak nations who think that all Muslims are terrorists. How about viewing religion not as an antidote to unity but a bridge to build to erase all gaps between us all?

Hard? Oh yes, if that is what you think. I say try harder to be peaceful and it is really easy.

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