Friday, January 2, 2009

What to remember if you are in a relationship?

Hey ladies...time for a personal chat with me. Are you currently in a relationship? I mean, something that is worth fighting for. Oh, not the fling thing.

The first step to a relationship starts with the decision to accept someone into your life. They say that love is blind so your love becomes flawless instantly in your eyes. Well, I could not blame you. Love is a temporary blindness, but don't is not permanent.

The choice to love someone is a risk. Imagine yourself entrusting your heart to a complete stranger who you just recently met or bumped into the other day in a crowded mall. Wow, that is one whirlwind romance if you are hooked on someone whom you just met yesterday.

Remember that the heart does not must use your head. Give time for your mind to study all the details before you dive into something unknown. You might not know that there are crocodiles waiting in there. Yay!

Remember too that during the courtship stage, men will always use flowery words to win your heart. Some say the truth, others say one thing but mean another. Meaning, many men would always hide their flaws just to win the women they desire.

So be smart and discerning. Not because a man tells you that you are hot then there you go, leaving all your logic behind. Give time for you and your admirer to know each other well. Easy to get women are easy to be forgotten. That is true in most cases, although it is a case to case basis.

No matter how fast changing our world is, there is no substitute to being discreet in choosing the best partner for life.

How? The best way is to follow your heart. There is no shortcut to the heart. The winner has to endure and persevere. Men who pursue women like buying an over-the-counter drug is a big turn off.

The best man is someone who takes time, and not rush into a relationship with unanswered questions.

Ladies, always weigh your options to avoid regretting your own decision.

Just like the song of "debarge"===>"Time Reveals". Time has always the right answer and cure for everything.

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