Thursday, January 15, 2009


Forgive and forget. Easier said than done. Who forgives who? How grave is the sin to be forgiven? These are the dynamics of human dignity--the sinner and the judgment. But it is practical to forgive for it will free the soul from impurities caused by other's insensitivity or in some cases, infidelity.

No person can be blamed if she or he does not easily heal if the wound was caused by an unfaithful lover. The human heart is the biggest part of man's physiological make-up which supports life literally and the essence of life, figuratively speaking.

Find a man who has no heart and that is in essence describing a man who does not feel for others or who does not care at all for the welfare of other people. His world is focused on his comfort zone and he would not go out of his way to fill the empty spaces of his social existence.

This brings us to question one fact, if those who exercise injustice against their fellowmen do not have a heart? They have hearts, as a matter of fact, but they do not use it for feeling life by knowing the condition of other people.

So, must we forgive them? Forgive them for they sin against the soul of humanity. Forgive them for they allow their own vested interest to engulf their morality. Must we always forgive? Is it necessary to forgive?

Yes. It is important for the soul to release the impurities caused by anger and pain. By forgiving the sinner, you free yourself. If the act is considered indefensible, let God be the judge to what is ought to be. Rest your case in His hands.

The forgiven sinner will receive a miracle cure for his sick conscience shall be healed. It also does wonder for the one who forgives for it is relieving to release the pent-up anger inside them. Both will experience a certain degree of improvement spiritually.

It may be easy to forgive but hard to forget. That is another story.


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Nice post. Ill remember that. I can relate with this topic..very much.Thanks for reminding me about the essence of forgiveness.God Bless!

Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

God bless you too my dear friend. :)

reyna elena said...

Eekkkkk! Did you write this with me on my mind?! Waaaa!!!! Ok. here's the story.

I had a boypren. I love him. He loved me more. Eh bigyan ko ba naman nang pridyidir. Malaman-laman ko, ibinahay ang gurpren nya! Next thing I knew, kinasal na ang tulisan. Yung gurl kasi nabuntisan.

*hikbi* he's not gonna be forgiven ever. mahal ang pridyidir.


Hahahaha! Sayang na pridyidir!:))

Salamat sa dalaw mo reyna elena! :-)

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