Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do I Gossip? does not always turn out the way we want it to be. Oftentimes, we are met with contradiction, the precise opposite of our supposition. The stress arises from not meeting our goals. But who says life is perfect? Not me.

Anyway, let me share with you one event in my life when I had to ask myself about the boundaries of social tact for me. When do I call a need to know the details of one person's life as a gossip or just a need out of friendship?

Some say my presence intimidate them when I am in social gatherings as they feel I am not so approachable. I do not make efforts to be too friendly with strangers but certainly affectionate to those I know well.

Ha, ha, ha..I love to talk and discuss matters but it usually turns me off when conversations degrade to gossip. Wow, that irritates me. But what if it is the life of someone important to you? With the exemptions of those people we elected to office to service our expectations, prying into the life of other people is absolutely rumor-mongering.

That is why one incident in my life in the past confused me. I had to attend a party of a friend few years back and there I was surpised to see a good friend who left the country for ten years to marry a foreigner.

Talking about gossips, oh lalala..this writer just happened to be too eager to know how her life is in the present. Can you blame me if I crave for update about the life of a good friend which will not be possible if that woman was a stranger or just a mere acquiantance.

How is this called then, babble talk? Absolutely not. Her life matters to me for we are best friends and therefore partners in life. Does it excuse me then to pry about her life? Maybe I call
it concern. Not gossip.

I am smiling while writing this journal. Ambivalance describes my predicament then. Wanting to know my friend's private affairs but holding back at the same time to avoid being miscalculated. Oh lalala!

Sometimes, the sanity of life is in the insanity therein. Why can't we just live without much to choose? Inevitably, it is the antonym of life that colors our world. A simple episode becomes
complicated. But here is one moral lesson which you must always remember: in every rule, there is an exception. As to why and when, that is for you to exercise using your best judgment.

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