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How does climate change create human conflict?

How would the environment have a direct effect on people's behavior? 
Climate change and human conflict are interrelated. 
My mind has always been open to this possibility but sans evidence, I chose not to write about it. 
Not until I read the article of Dan Smith, the Secretary General of the International Alert of the United Kingdom in the October-December 2008 issue of the Asian Institute Management (AIM) Alumni Leadership Magazine (pages 18-19). Smith's "Climate change and conflict" showed that the environment is intertwined with man's behavior.
It was an enlightening expose. 
Smith wrote and I quote: " One thing I want to emphasize is we're not simply talking about consequences of climate change-temperatures rise, therefore people fight- that is not the linkage we are making. 
Climate change is bad news in most parts of the world, and the form of bad news differs from place to place:if you have too much rain, there is going to be more, and if there is a …