Know Thyself

There is always a need for everyone to come to terms with one's inner self. 

You can call it your conscience, or perhaps the super-ego, in Sigmund Freud's most favored structure in the composition of man's psyche. 

Search the answers to your personal questions not outside yourself but discover the hidden silent part of you that holds the answer to everything. 

Do not go beyond your spiritual zone for "you" hold the answer to all your powers. 

Deep thoughts or critical thinking is a necessary prerequisite to a well-lived life. 

Everything around has a meaning and only a critical mind that is free of bias or prejudice can achieve objectivity when needed. 

Do not be proud in your own achievements but rather be humble before others. 

True friendship starts with the use of kind and polite words. 

Finally, always convey a smile with your words, thoughts and actions.


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