Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Humans Err?

Why we make mistakes? We make mistakes because we are imperfect beings. Not even having high intelligence will exempt you from an "error-free" life. Fallacy of decisions does not deduce to fallacy of character.

It is a common misconception that we attribute mistakes to bad character. This stifles growth and self-development. Who among us is perfect? Not even an iota of perfection is present in every man.

This is a fact that should guide us for striving towards something that is unattainable is simply a definition of idiocy. Why choose to be a perfectionist if you could not deliver that yourself? Unfair and sabotageous to deal with others if you have the expectation that they should be perfect before you. Neither you nor anyone is perfect. Hence, you make mistakes.

People are more often than not emotional beings, no matter how some people put up an unperturbed character in the face of adversity. What is inside man is only known to him. However, people holding powerful position which demands strong and resilient external persona is expected to mask their weaknesses to sustain their following. Hypocrisy is a social mask. A needed persona to master power in whatever form.

Why must we view mistakes from a negative perspective? We hone our talents and skills in life through trial and error. We do not excel sans flaws. We all grow in life by learning from the lessons of our past mistakes. We educate the youth by reminding them not to replicate the errors and sins committed by their elders.

Why must we take mistakes in its negative connotation? Mistakes in fact filter the right from wrong, by highlighting the bad after experience has proven its ill effects on our lives.

Why must we accept mistakes as bad when in fact it is the red road sign that reminds us to stop and think before we decide on doing something? We make mistakes because we are not perfect in thoughts, deeds and actions. Through these mistakes, we learn by pratice and eventually master what to avoid or what not to repeat doing. Mistakes in life is the monitoring mechanism of our individiual characters and our compass to guide our dealings with other people.

In other words, it is the "check and balance" of life. It checks our values and balances our important decisions to ensure that we succeed in our respective endeavors in life.

On the other hand, we find self-fulfillment by knowing that after one mistake, we already have the power over our thoughts and actions by eventually perfecting our craft, for past mistakes constantly serve as our inner voice to reverberate in our conscience towards a guilf-free actions in the future.

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