Sunday, December 14, 2008

Temper the temper

When I am mad, I am mad. Who does not?

But I do not allow anger to eat me. Once expressed, I forget it.

I do not like confrontations using the personal computer for I see it as the cheapest way to hide one's cowardice.

Those who express their anger by posting it on their Facebook walls are sheer hypocrites.

They are loud in provocation because there is a geographical distance that protects them most especially if they fake their names and addresses. They are in fact, UNTOUCHABLES because they know they can always sign off online or enjoy their freedom from legal persecution.

It is easier to be rude than to be kind most especially if you know you can get away with it.

In real life, there is a bisexual calling herself with many fake names like ALMA MATHER, ELENA SALVADOR AND LUZ SANTIAGO. Her family calls her LITLIT and that evil woman has been slandering me on her Facebook wall for rejecting her indecent proposal that we become lovers. 

She added me on Facebook in 2009 and started courting me persistently. At first, she pretended to be a worried mother who needed advice for her failing marriage. When I rejected her, she became crazy and used her wall to spread her lies.

I chose to ignore her but she would not stop.

She is a nut case which both requires psychiatric and legal intervention.

She is guilty of slander, sexual harassment, stalking and cyber bullying. 

She is also a hacker. All the things she does, she twists it and accused me of the evil things she does on Facebook out of vengeance.

Envious of my following, she does everything to destroy me.

She is not only of ill-breeding. My friends even said she is evil when they talked to her to stop doing the things she does against me.

One woman's manners will speak of her breeding. The point is she cannot control her  emotions because she thinks her lies would not catch up with her.

Having access to online sites gives someone like Elena Salvador the opportunity to enjoy slandering me because she has no breeding to respect my rights.

Well-bred men and women would not level with loud cheap souls like Elena Salvador who is vengeful for being rejected. Evil is still a kind word to describe her character. She masks herself as a peaceful creature but she needs to be exposed because she is a hypocrite.

She is good at justifying her lies and innocent people will still believe her.

Beware for you can be a victim of this slanderous bisexual.

I respect many people of the third sex but not this one.

(Edited in November, 2015)

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