Why Firing a Gun on air can kill?


The new year 2009 is barely 48 hours away at the time of this writing. 

I find it my responsibility to use my blog site to educate many thrill-seeker gun owners who fire their guns irresponsibly out of merry making, but in most cases, their stray bullets killed or hurt many innocent victims. 

I woke up early today to find links that will surely guide most of my readers. 

I published them unedited for everyone's perusal. 

Please write about this issue on your blog too. 

Let us help save more lives by reminding gun owners to be careful and choose instead the safer way to release their excitement on new year's eve. 

Let us ask them in unity NOT TO FIRE THEIR GUNS ON NEW YEAR'S EVE. 

Please, before you release a bullet into the air on new year's eve, read the following: 

1. Associated Press NEWS (January 3, 2008): "Boy Recovering after Stray Bullet Hits Him" 

With blood streaming down his face, the parents of a little Tucson boy didn't know what hit him early New Year's day. 

The mother and father of Rafael Moreno-Razo, 5, later learned the boy was struck by a stray bullet that ripped through their apartment. 

Rafael's father Humberto Moreno, 42, called 911 and Rafael went to the hospital, where he was treated and released that morning. 

The little boy escaped with a grazed scalp, but the incident may leave his family scarred forever. "I'm still in shock,'' said Rafael's mother, Lupe Meza, 42, on Wednesday. ``I thank God he's OK. I can't imagine what could have happened.'' 

Shooting a gun into the air has been a felony in Arizona since the 2000 passage of Shannon's Law. 

It is named after 14-year-old Shannon Smith, who was killed in 1999 by a stray bullet in Phoenix. 

Meza said her son doesn't understand what happened to him, but the rest of the family is all too aware. " Whoever did that, I hope God will hear me and get that person,'' Meza said. "It's scary,'' she said. "You can't even be safe in your own house.'' 

2. What happens when a gun is fired straight into the air?


Once a gun is fired straight up into the air, the bullet will travel up to a mile high (depending on the angle of the shot and the power of the gun). 

Once it reaches its apogee, the bullet will fall. 

Air resistance limits its speed, but bullets are designed to be fairly aerodynamic, so the speed is still quite lethal if the bullet happens to hit someone. 

In rural areas, the chance of hitting someone is remote because the number of people is low. 

In crowded cities, however, the probability rises dramatically, and people get killed quite often by stray bullets. 

Most major cities have laws in place to try to keep people from shooting guns into the air in celebration. 

3. A more detailed explanation on how the bullet's speed could kill on its way back down: [Source: (http://goaskgrandpa.com/sample13.htm]

Many of those stray bullets that killed unsuspecting victims belong to unlicensed firearm owners. I appeal to gun owners to think a million times before you fire your guns into the air.

Please spare a life. 


That's the problem Bai, people just don't think of the consequences.

I agree AV..but responsible people will find time to think of the consequences before they fire a gun. There is really a need to regulate loose firearms.

It is also noteworthy to mention that in Davao City, its Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte, deserves everyone's salute for he has secured his city from the firing of guns and firecrackers on new year's eve and during other special holidays of the city.

Davao City is the ideal place for families who want a peaceful and quiet celebration of the new year's eve.

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