Sunday, December 28, 2008

A flicker of light

A vivid memory when I was taking my masters in Davao City. We arrived quite late from Cotabato City and we had to stop in a small restaurant to buy some foods for dinner.

I was left in the vehicle while the rest of my companions went down to buy food. From afar, I saw a father and a daughter  inside a dark shanty, with only one small candle flickering to illuminate them. The street light was dim and the candle glimmering  in the dark caught my attention.

I thought it was a firefly so I focused my gaze on what caught my attention and requested my cousin to move the vehicle towards the room of the father and daughter.

He was cleaning her face with a small towel and a tiny bucket of water. It seems he was conserving water and I could see from afar that there was no food on their table.

I could see both of them smiling at each other and in a little while, the father carried his daughter to bed.

When my companions arrived, I asked them to buy extra foods. Then I personally walked towards the room.

"Maayong gabii, para po sa inyo at sa anak ninyo." (Good evening, this is for you and your daughter)

The father of the frail little girl was surprised but at the same time he looked happy.

"Salamat sa imo. Di pa nakakaon ang anak ko." (Thank you, my daughter has not yet eaten)

I  smiled, bid the father goodbye and walked silently towards the vehicle.

I was thankful that I followed my instinct, as if she I could tell how hungry the father and daughter was. I did not mention the incident to my companions and just smiled when they asked.

Kindness is truly a gift to our souls. We give, but in essence, it is us who received the true gift to the soul. Fulfilling, ecstatic and I was so happy.

Thank you for reading this.


Mel Alarilla said...

Oh what a noble heart that beats inside your body. Yes, we can not alleviate the sufferings of all the people around us but we can do something for the souls that God bring to our attention. God bless you more for your tender heart.

Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

Thanks for your kind words, Mel. I know in my heart, that you and other kindhearted souls will do the same thing if you were in my shoes. God bless you too, Mel. :)

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