Thursday, December 4, 2008

Knifed But Alive

The reflection in the mirror
smiled back at me.
Sadness has already
escaped out of her system
after many years
of life's opposite forces
both racing to subdue her.
God has intensified her
emotional fortress
and her submission
is only to Him,
hence, clouded past just
passed by like flying birds
temporarily hovering above
the clear blue sky.

I stared at myself in the mirror wondering why life seems to be so ironical for I have to admit that there are times that even simple questions are not answerable by a mere yes or no.

Everyday we are compelled to act in a quotidian passion to do something that we like doing whether it has monetary rewards or not. Exhausting as it may be, but the best truth is knowing that we are alive and we can still choose to share sweet moments with our family and loved ones.

Critical people who choose to misjudge rather than understand; a parent who finds no time to spend moments with his child thinking that material things will fill the empty emotional space that has been severed by lack of love ; and a lover who prays for a faithful affair but ends up hurt in exchange for her loyalty--they are the rainbows of nature which all of us could relate to for I know, sometime, somehow... during one colorless moment of our past, neglect and treachery had injured us.

Nevertheless, strong determination colors the dullness of life and drives away hopelessness. Life is a rainbow of colors. But one thing that you must never forget--you are the painter.

Just sharing the "me" in a brief interlude between my soul and pen. The "me" who was knifed by life but still alive.. and well.


Jeunelle Foster said...

Yes that spirit is usually found where there is silence.
I think most people overlook the power that silence has on us.
I simply cannot operate without a quiet center and this is where I work and breathe.
I can usually be found in the quiet center of myself, my own little world and sometimes I come out and play. :)

Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

Nice silence we see more.:)

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Empowered Women