Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why I Respect Homosexuals?

Writing about homosexuality is a very delicate matter for I address it not as a gender problem but a human rights issue. Gays are people with emotions and rights not different from normal beings. More often than not, they are truer than self-professed straight people. They do not hide skeletons in their closet.

My favorite cousin was gay but he took care of me when he was alive. He was my nanny and my secretary at the same time. He was very creative and effective with whatever task he had in his hands then. NO, he did not dress like a woman for he was decent and respectful. He need not become a transvestite just to be true to himself.

It is hard to argue with people whose narrow minds are focused on their machismo thinking that gays are not human like them and they opt to be treated like garbage. The one who thinks lowly of gays are the ones who need our apathy. Their stereotyped minds are blocking their better judgment making them prisoners of their own myopia.'s life is not according to other people's standards.Who are we to prescribe what is to be conceived as a moral standard yet even those who vowed to serve the church have their own share of sins too?

Do not be misled by thinking that we should excuse immorality, for homosexuality is not immoral if the premise to be adjudged is human emotions. Love is not gender focus. It is freedom. Any individual must be respected for his rights regardless of his gender.


Mel Alarilla said...

Homosexuals can be respected if they act respectfully. Many homos are actually brilliant in their own chosen career. It is the transvestite who openly flaunt their immoral behaviors that give homosexuals a bad name. Thanks for the sensitive post. God bless you always.

Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

I have the same observation. Thanks for your comment too. :)

Light said...

The people who are close-minded are the ones who tend to discriminate homosexuals. Your post is very meaningful. Keep it up!

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Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

Thanks for posting, Light. I am not a homosexual but I feel for them as human beings, just like how I would sympathize with a straight person who is being done injustice owing to his personality flaw. I call it fairness. NO one is perfect, hence no one hss the right to demand perfection from other people. Happy holidays, Light! :)

Argentum Vulgaris said...

A great post Bai, my stepson is gay, and I love him unconditionally; he is a person, not a transvestite, but at times a little more flamboyant than others. He is 24 now, and I have watched him grow up beautifully, much more beautifully than his heterosexual peers. I am proud of him.


Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

Ohh..thanks for sharing. He is lucky to have you as his stepdad. You know AV, all my close friends are gay. Thanks for dropping by.:)

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