Friday, December 5, 2008

What is "frigidity" in women?

This article speaks on behalf of women who come from highly conservative families and who did not get the right education on matters relative to sex before marriage. This is not surprising if a woman is a product of an overprotective family whose male members disallow them to venture into activities that they deemed to be exclusively for men. By definition, frigidity is the counterpart of erectile insufficiency in men.

Scientific studies bared that women suffering from arousal insufficiency or "frigidity" complaints about not having sexual feelings or unresponsive to all forms of erotic stimulation. Their male partners do not understand that this has a psychological undertone.

Frigidity usually roots from a distorted sex education during childhood which usually prevailed in bourgeois families where female members were told to avoid talking issues about sex. It is even prohibited to be a topic of conversation hence resulting to naivety on such aspect.

The worst scenario comes when arranged marriages are forced to women of these families akin to releasing them to a new phase of life without any background to guide them whatsoever.

Normally and expectedly, such arranged marriages fail for the woman is mentally unknowledgeable about sex and her physical response to her partner's initiative is frigidity. A condition that takes its roots in the past and only a concerned and understanding male partner would seek to trace the history of his woman's coldness in their bed.

Frigidity is more of a psychological problem for many women than a sexual issue.Psychiatric intervention is best adviced for women who are having problems on this area of their personal lives.

It may take time to stabilize a woman's reaction to sex when undergoing psychiatric treatment to solve the nature of her problem. That is why it is imperative for her partner to stand by her side every step of the way so that she feels important, cared for and understood.

This article elucidates how a negative mind could control one's physical relations in marriage. On different ends, such negativity could lead to a red light for marital intimacy but a green light to open the mind of men in understanding the conditions of the frigid women in their lives.

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