Saturday, December 27, 2008

Can a man rise above his blunder?

To err once or twice is being human. But conscious erring is an intentional flaw magnifying in effect the vulnerability of man to submit to constant temptations. Conquering his own weakness is his real battle.
Good deeds make a good man. Goodness is the consequence of justice evolving inside the soul of an upright man. Human beings are not perfect.

Mary Baker Eddy has this to say:
"Truth is immortal; error is mortal".
What is the truth? The reality untainted with deformity. No minuses nor addition. It exists as a law, untouched and unconcealed.

Error is man's weakness. This is the truth. That man is not perfect therefore he flaws.

But we all have the chance to correct what is wrong. A good man knows his limitations and knows when to make amends.

Stick with the truth. It will set you free.


Kebelle said...

However, there are different perspectives of truth and justice. When there is an error it is only error to those who see it as error. There is only claims to truth, to justice, or to error. I am not relativising absolutes, but practically we can say that there is power and the exercise of it. Thanks for your beautiful choice of words.

Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

Definitely Kebelle, for differences in perspective is the truth about subjectivity. One man's truth is other man's falsity.

Perspective is one man's mental framework, independent and unique as man himself--that is what you mean by "when there is an error, it is only error to those who see it as error".

Just like the saying, "two men look from the same window, one sees the star, the other the mud".

The nature of perspective is the freedom of choice. One can choose to look at one error while others choose to look the other way.

But the person who commits less error is the man who can choose to look at truth with justice, for we can all agree that justice is kindness in thoughts and words more than anything else.

Thanks for your post and God bless. :)

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