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Why Firing a Gun on air can kill?

The new year 2009 is barely 48 hours away at the time of this writing. 
I find it my responsibility to use my blog site to educate many thrill-seeker gun owners who fire their guns irresponsibly out of merry making, but in most cases, their stray bullets killed or hurt many innocent victims. 
I woke up early today to find links that will surely guide most of my readers. 
I published them unedited for everyone's perusal. 
Please write about this issue on your blog too. 
Let us help save more lives by reminding gun owners to be careful and choose instead the safer way to release their excitement on new year's eve. 
Let us ask them in unity NOT TO FIRE THEIR GUNS ON NEW YEAR'S EVE. 
Please, before you release a bullet into the air on new year's eve, read the following: 
1. Associated Press NEWS (January 3, 2008): "Boy Recovering after Stray Bullet Hits Him"
With blood streaming down his face, the parents of a little Tucs…

Know Thyself

There is always a need for everyone to come to terms with one's inner self. 
You can call it your conscience, or perhaps the super-ego, in Sigmund Freud's most favored structure in the composition of man's psyche. 
Search the answers to your personal questions not outside yourself but discover the hidden silent part of you that holds the answer to everything. 
Do not go beyond your spiritual zone for "you" hold the answer to all your powers. 
Deep thoughts or critical thinking is a necessary prerequisite to a well-lived life. 
Everything around has a meaning and only a critical mind that is free of bias or prejudice can achieve objectivity when needed. 
Do not be proud in your own achievements but rather be humble before others. 
True friendship starts with the use of kind and polite words. 
Finally, always convey a smile with your words, thoughts and actions.

What do I consider "stupid" in TV Ads?

Give the truth, otherwise, do not market your company products with lies. 
The rule is simple. Companies must not present their products in an exaggerated manner. 
The best way to advertise is to be concise and must not promise "magical solutions" to the buying public. 
The endorsed product must possess true ingredients. 
Last night, I noticed something which made me laugh. 
One product showed a substandard slogan to market their toothpaste company. 
The slogan reads: "We did not spend much for this advertisement that is why our prices are low." Funny. It indirectly assumes that all TV viewers are stupid. 
Any commercial product aired on television is required to pay advertisement fees. 
Another advertisement markets its brand of flu medicine like a soap opera. 
Flu medicines cannot be a ticket to win the nod of your future mother-in-law.
Advertisers need to convince the viewers that their products are effective and safe to take. 
Most televiewers share my opinion on this. T…