Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stupendous Morning?

Hallo!!!...ehemm. Good morning dear readers and visitors? How stupendous is your morning? Did you wake up with a smile or with a grimace? Are you effervescent to bath and get ready for the day? Or did you feel like wanting to stay in bed for the whole day? Is it really a good morning for you?

We all wake up at the wrong side of the bed they say, but do not let problems consume your energy--Vivify your day! :)

Let the unpredictability of life be just a toy in your palm. Tossing and turning in your bed will only make you sleepy and disgustingly lazy--stand up and move!

Be predictable in uncertainty.

The more unpredictable the day will be, the more it will boost your energy. If you are someone who does not thrive under pressure--reverse your psychology!
Hug and kiss pressure and make it a part of your system.

By accepting pressure as a part of life would lead to reformatting your mind to function not against stress but toward it--meaning, it will prepare you mentally about what is ahead.
Look, observe that when you get upset your mind could not function well. Bad, right? Just at the time when you need your brains, they evade you. Ha,ha,ha,ha--train your mind dear readers. Control it before it controls you.

Like your humble blogger, what is unpredictable heightens my curiosity in contrast to something routinary and expected. We all love life--to be alive is the greatest gift God has given us. But hey...being alive is a subjective notion, it is not always the expected "break or unbreak thing"--rather it is more on wanting to explore the unknown part of you, hence, it is
not breaking or unbreaking but multiplying.

Do you know that the more you discover something new about yourself, like new talents or interests, the more is the tendency that you will value yourself. You will even race with time just to get to where you want to be. It is indeed rejuvenating to ferret out that you have something more inside you that is amazing.

Try to face new horizons in your life. Explore the wonders of the universe through your mind. Be guided with the liberty to do what you want provided that you know your limitations. Those
could only be known by you for it is you who should be responsible for anything you do.

Have a happy life dear readers.

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