Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rape Victim: A deaf-mute

Rape is a crime against chastity that destroys the entire dignity of the victim. In most cases, some victims end up mentally incapacitated for the psychological trauma leaves a lifetime mark which haunts the victim night and day. This becomes worst if the victim is denied justice or if her assailants remain scot-free.

The case that I will share with you dear readers is the exact opposite of the above scenario, for the rape victim braved her ordeal notwithstanding that she is a deaf-mute. Ofelia (not her real name), a brave Filipina, married, and lives in the Visayas island, here in the Philippines was a victim of sexual abused.

She was only 28 when gang raped by who she thought were trusted family friends. Unsuspecting of their ill-motives, she agreed to go along with them to one of her offender's rice paddy. But she later found out that the two teenagers plotted to rape her.

This happened when her husband had to leave her alone at home to fetch sweet potatoes from a nearby public market.The husband was met with sobs by his wife who who narrated to him the incident through hand signals.

The husband told police authorities that his wife showed him a white towel with blood stains allegedly from her private part which was allegedly inserted with a hard object by the suspects after raping her.

The police pursued the suspects with the guidance of the victim herself and collared the two in the area. The two suspects admitted their guilt.

A crime was committed against her honor but Ofelia sought justice for her condition. Not even her physical defect could silenced her for what ruled at the time was her strength of character.

This is a warning to bad men out there who think that they could easily get away with their evil deeds if they choose to victimize deaf-mute women. Think again.

The quest for justice does not stop at anything if one is vent on pursuing it. It may be denied or delayed, but certainly, God's hand will work for God's justice works, slowly but sure.

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