Monday, November 24, 2008

What is Abused of Political Power?

I ask...

Why is politics vindictive?

History showed that there were many leaders in the past who exercised power abused through political vindictiveness. The assertion that the justice system checks and balances the mode of effecting the law is hypocrisy.

Who are to administer the law? The question of "who" should not be relegated to the backseat. For the "who" is the person beholden to the appointing authority and usually the people who appointed the beholden are the ones guilty of injustice.

Once a person with ill-intent gets access to political power, he uses the resources of the government to get back to his perceived enemies.

The temptation to use such vast power is too strong to resist and getting back at the enemy is too tempting to ignore.

Why is their such a thing as political puppetry?
Because power is power. It demands subservience which allow sustainability of such "abusive " power. Puppetry is the consequence of that manipulation. Opposition to power results to political vindictiveness. For the people in power will demand that their WILL shall be thy law no matter how they say that law is law.

Those who could control the legislature are the people whose will in effect become the law.

What is my point?
I am just articulating the reality of power abuse that often happens in places where justice is merely a lip service.

These are my questions. Do you know the answer?

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