Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why I say it is Injustice?

(In)Justice Unmasked....

It is repudiating to know that unmasked justice is done against a loved one. A continuity of a political game that was played by people who connived to ensure that they could just triumphantly eliminate the "good man". They are not God. God is in control of the situation.

You could not do injustice to a just man. Think in multiple times.

But they did and perhaps they have thought about it in multiple times. Connivance with law enforcers and buying their cheap principles to effect a mockery of justice to ensure that power is in their hands, was the apparent motive to put a good a man in jail.

Gush! They want to be the executioners when they themselves are filthy for their corrupt practices. It is shameful to act as Gods when in fact they themselves are not clean and pure.

Shameless indeed! Such a pity for their masked conscience.

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