Friday, September 12, 2008

Edukada Gossipada

Logging in but not empty handed. My mental waves wandered again and found something worth sharing. This article is dedicated for women who love to gossip and talk about the private lives of other people. Out of the blues, I realized that this is not an old discovery--for this type of women have been existing for decades.

My cerebral domain wanted to share a new term for my readers: " edukada gossipada". The word "edukada" comes from the root word, "educated" while "gossipada" means "gossip" or rumors.

Being addictive to "gossip" is a mental and attitudinal disease. However, the latest news is that not only those women who are uneducated engaged themselves with this type of habit, for even the educated ones do. The term "edukada gossipada" is exclusive only for educated ladies who love to gossip. It can be considered a disease for educated ladies who are supposed to be in the position to be fair and objective, but nada, they act so unfairly stupid.

It is dumb to spend one's time talking about the private lives of other people by spending your time gathering unfounded rumor about the lives of those who happen to be not minding your business and leaving you alone in peace. For whatever is your motivation of doing that then I should say that you are a victim of the rumor virus called "edukada gossipada".

Here are the clinical symptoms of those who have "edukada gossipada" :

Once infected, the victim will exhibit the following symptoms:
she loves to gossip; she loves to throw mud on other people's faces; she has thick facial skin detected to be reactive to positive and negative stimuli; she thrives on silt; and she regards herself as a neurotic bacteria pretending to be bigger than a cockroach.

The virus dwells in the body of its host who possesses the
following attitude: women who consider themselves pseudo-elites professing to be smart but idiotic in simple analysis--they fail in simple analogy that good education means giving respect for the private lives of other people; and they clothe themselves with high education to appear impressive but in truth they thrive on exchanged gossips and they excel in the area of rumor mongering. They find excitement in talking about other people, for that is what they consider to be fulfilling in life.

In simple and uncomplicated word, they are stupid ladies who are unfortunately well-educated.

Let me put that clearly: They are PROFESSIONAL RUMOR MONGERS with graduate and even post-graduate degrees. These type of people are the best hosts for this type of virus.

Dra. Diosko Mamoblema, a psychiatrist and a friend, is also an enemy of rumor mongers. She was the one who provided me the medical profile of the virus called " edukada gossipada".

I asked Dra.Mamoblema this question: How could such virus penetrate into the cell walls of its victims when they are expected to be knowledgeable on the proper ways to take care of themselves? She replied: that is because these type of women have a high palate for gossip. Then I followed it up with another question: What is the dominant effect of the virus on its victims?

She replied without hesitation: They turn into Morons! I was dumbfounded. Terrible!

They need self-medication according to Dra. Mamoblema. And it is so easy, said the psychiatrist. I asked:"How?" She said :"THEY SHOULD MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS AND NOT GOSSIP ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE".

Pondering more, I asked myself: What if those victims will not self-medicate? On second thought, I also asked myself why in the world should I make that virus a topic of my blog? If they get attention, they exist. If they do not, they become extinct.

One reason is to address one similar question: Do all educated people who have the interest in knowing about the private lives of other people fall into the category of the "edukada gossipada victims" ? NO! There are two interplaying motivations why people gossip: First, they want to find something about the person to destroy the character of the ones they gossiped about; and second, they may be just interested to know some details but not to gossip about it.

Now, dear readers, are you getting the clear picture of this article? Here: The disease is only for those people who have ill-intentions why they gossip about a certain person. Bad motivation is behind their rumor monger sessions.

As I was about to close this issue with the psychiatrist, another poser dawned on me and I demanded an answer from her for my final question, to which she has no respond.

Hence, I threw the question to myself: "Which changes which in the progress of the disease? Does the host mutate with the virus? Or is the virus, "edukada gossipada" , the twin organism of its host...that is why they could both thrive in each other's blood owing to their similar nature?

Whoooooooooooaaaaaaaa...I think, both!

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