Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beauty Tips...

Hi ladies!

Nowadays, beauty products are very expensive. Considering the worsening economic situation that the world is in, this blog offers some alternative beauty remedies that are practical but not financially draining to women whose husbands could not afford to meet their aesthetic needs.

Here are some beauty tips that you might want to use as alternative solutions to some simple beauty problems:

1. ICE CUBES--Best toner is ice cube. After washing and cleansing your face thoroughly, apply ice cubes on your face for this will close your pores instantly.

2.KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR FACE- Never touch your face unless you have to. Our hands are very dirty and they can easily leave germs on your open pores. Once those dirts are trapped, they can become infected which could turn to facial acne.

3. USE COTTON TOWELS TO DRY YOUR FACE- If you must, use a cotton towel when drying your face. Just slightly dab it very gently on your skin . Used baby cloth diapers are best on the skin but make sure that your infant no longer needs them.

4. CUCUMBER AND GRATED POTATO--Eye puffiness and circles are caused by insomnia, fatigue or stress. The grated potato and cucumber will help reduce the swelling.

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