Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mind Talk with Princess Maleiha

MIND TALK is YOUR blog, connecting with your mind to explore the untold or glaring realities about life. It mirrors the colors of man but focuses on the gray area that we humans tend to ignore owing to lack of apathy or neglect.

MIND TALK presents the ugly and beautiful aspects of life--not on the same level though--but on contrasting poles. Not to highlight what is beautiful but to invoke the call for self-assessment and introspection of the soul.

MIND TALK is a relevant blog for my personal catharsis, for as I write the truth and LINK with your thoughts, I find some sense of satisfaction that fulfills me as a writer, a student of life, a mentor to my children, and a blogger of truth whose only motivation is to transcribe my words without bias or prejudice to any group or individuals.

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Empowered Women