Intellectual Intimacy

Are you in love with a smart mind? 

Can you tell the pros and cons of having a cerebral lover? 

There is more to it when you choose someone to love. 

Beauty always attracts the eyes of the beholder, but what sustains the attraction is more than just a pretty face or a curvaceous body. 

A person captures our interest if there is "outright connection" that is beyond physical. 

For the many, the "cerebral connection" counts more than mere physical attraction. 

Our eyes allow us to appreciate what is beautiful. 

Our nose connects us to places or people which remind us of the freshness of life. 

Our hearts hold on to people who could connect with us at the very first meeting. 

Do I need to write that common sense is as important as the rest of our sense organs? 

That means smart brains are better than dumb ones for the former progress while the latter regresses. 

Many people always use the "mind over matter" approach in dealing with the realities of life. But they oftentimes fail if their souls tell them otherwise. 

The soul seeks for the mate that every individual yearns to have. 

The "gut feel" reaction after meeting a stranger and the "loud murmurs" of the heart are the usual "soulful signs" that our hearts have found their respective partners. 

This usually happens during the first meeting. 

But if you have the will to choose the person who you want to be with, I suggest that cerebral partners are better than those who do not share your mental level. 

Conversations and unity of the mind usually bond two people in love. Physical intimacy is not enough to sustain a relationship. 

All other aspects other than sex are equally important for the survival of the relationship. 

Personally speaking, smart lovers are innovators. 

They are creative and innovative in their approach to committed relationships. 

Their knowledge is not merely theoretical but a product of a wandering mind that aims to satisfy their objects of affection. 

However, just beware guys, for there are people who use their talents to cheat on life. 

That goes without saying that principled smart minds are the best choice. 

There are many good-hearted souls all around you. Just choose and be picky when it comes to trusting anyone. 

Always check the background of the person who wants to be a part of your life. 

Be very careful when wanting to have an online relationship. "Lies" is the nickname of internet affairs. 

Now on the positive side, GOOD smart lovers are unboring, they know how to handle their partners and please them. 

Sadly, many people are too hot on the surface but nothing in their heads. 

It is TERRIBLY IMPORTANT to be smart in handling relationships. 

Beauty attracts but not enough to hold a bond. Brains work twenty-four hours a day to sustain a relationship if there are passion, love, and fidelity. 

My point is: there should be a marriage between brilliance and patience. 

No one is perfect. Emotions can make even the brightest man stupid. 

Loving someone needs a BIG HEART to accept the person's flaws for even smart people are not exempted to err. 

For those who have not yet heard of " intellectual intimacy" with their respective partners, it is about time that you consider this an important element in choosing your life partner. 

Once passion subsides, the "sharing and talks" form the biggest part of the bond. 

The idea is not to outsmart each other but to use the mind how to think of creative ways to make the relationship survive the falling rate of passion.


Sir Nebur said…
You're such a nice and wonderful lady I've ever known, thou' I haven't see nor meet you personally, I feel you're a special and lovable companion.

You gotta have a lucky man and so proud of you!

God bless and take care.
Thanks Sir Neb.You too have always been very kind and supportive to all your forum mates @ Thanks again,Sir Neb.

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