Friday, August 29, 2008


A knock on the door awakened me. A sound that repeats itself whenever I am alone and muddle-headed. It is something that I need to let in to solve the puzzle moving in my head.

Facts are facts. They happen to fall on a particular schedule determined by fate. But it is my nature not to temper the drooling of my brains when events happen that are somewhat incongruous to that standards of the human intellect.

It is a fact that you need to dig for truth in order to grasp it in your hands. Causality is the twin brother of truth. This is always a part of my intellectual digestion. It is not being nitpicky--just a neurological routine.

I saw a blank staring lady before me and asked my name? She laughed upon hearing my name and it made me wonder why my identity moved her to uproar, or is it something on my face that made her giggle?

I wonder...I could not help but asked. She replied with a naughty tone quite familiar in my ears, as if she sounded like me..or is this lady, me? If I am not awake, I could say I am conversing with my shadow. Hah! But how could a shadow exist in the middle of a glaring light? Is it a metamorphosis from illusion to reality or vice -versa? Funny but the simile is accurately intrinsic.

Then the lady bid me goodbye and told me she has to go. But she left two words that convinced me that she is indeed me. Oh yes, oh yes, there is no doubt. It is myself I see. I am again talking to myself just to understand the whole of me.

He,he, he, he!

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