Thursday, August 7, 2008


Principles make a man. Many people talk and write about it but only few live by example. Let me explain myself why I value my principles in life no matter what.

Defining Principles :

It is not something that you can buy or a food that you can eat to satisfy your hunger. It is not a learned emotion that you discover from your daily experiences nor it is a material thing that is visible to the eye. It is not something that you can put on display as a testimony for your good deeds. For the real consequence of a principled life is not a testimonial authored by you declaring your worth as a person but people voluntarily testifying the goodness of your soul.

GOOD PRINCIPLES IN LIFE drive you to do good deeds for yourself and for other people. It is your inner conscience that guides your actions to do what you think is right.

I repeat, it is a prime mover of any positive action that you make in your life, "based on your personal standards"and not on other people's expectations of you. PRINCIPLES are guides of life. They are our personal map to the good road that we have individually chosen to travel.

Meaning, you are in total command of yourself when it comes to doing what is right for you and other people. You do not need other people advising you what to do for it is your internal monitoring aid locked in your soul that ticks like a clock when a decision you made violates your character standards. IN other words, you have the ability to say no if it is not good for you and to defend your stand if you need to.

PRINCIPLED PEOPLE know the right way in life. It is not always being righteous, but it means doing things rightfully in a habitual manner not only when someone is looking .

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