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Why Lovers Need to Communicate?

One of the best books that I have read was John Powell's The Secret of Staying In-love. 
It capsulizes the importance of having a regular communication between a couple to sustain their feelings for each other. 
Powell's secret to staying in love is COMMUNICATION.
Communication bridges the gap that can separate two lovers owing to geographical distance or who are merely lost without each other's presence. 
The simple reason for the need to sustain regular communication is CONNECTION. 
It is hard to love someone who refuses to open up his mind and heart. 
Doubts arise from relationships with less communication. It could help strengthen the relationship if the couple expresses their deepest thoughts and emotions for each other.

How to Politely Reject an Admirer ?

How can rejection be polite? 
How can you say no to a persistent admirer without offending his ego? 

How can a woman look to a man's eyes and drop the rejection bomb before his face? 

It is really difficult to master the art of rejection, for indeed it is hurting for those who will receive it. 
Some men will mask their hurts by getting bitter. But the truth must be said no matter how it hurts. It is better, to be honest than making your admirer expect. This will be totally unfair towards the person. There are many subtle or direct ways to reject an admirer. The truth must be told. JUST SAY IT. BUT say it very POLITELY. 
This is a question for many committed women especially those who are socially active and whose works deal closely with men. 
Social exposure means an exposure to all types of male personality. 
There are men who operate merely on their ego, the ones who love challenges and pursue committed women just for the thrill of it and no love to talk about in the first place. 
This …